TDX-23II Electronic drum

Compact and portable

The height can be adjusted freely,
allowing the angle to be customized according
to the height and preferences
of different age groups

Environmentally friendly material,Multiple functions

  • Press and hold to mute

  • Side stroke

  • Face blow

Connecting headphones/practicing mute without disturbing the public

Connecting external speakers/enjoy the playing

Upgrade Bluetooth version

Bluetooth/MIDI connecting music,
Build-in bluetooth,
Intelligent connection to apps,
smart devices such as mobile phones and computers

Multiple drum kits for option

512M sound source, available to edit drum set, 35 coach music, 25 preset drum sets

Mesh head with great sound feedback

Highly restored true drum sound

Learning with fun

The APP can be connected to the iPad for assistance

Product Specifications

Drum pads:
· Standard 5 drums, 3 cymbals
·Snare drum- 8 inch, mesh, double triggers
·Bass drum-pedal+ drum 8 inch, mesh head
·Tom drums- all 7 inch, mesh
·Crash- 10.5 inch, half silicone, double triggers, mute function
·Ride cymbals- 10 .5inch, half silicone, double triggers, mute function
Hi hat- 10.5 inch, half silicone

· 512M sound source, self edit drum kit
· 25 preset drum sets ·500 sounds total
· 35 coach music · Metronome
· Bluetooth