TDX-16S Electronic drum

Compact and Portable,
Ideal for Home Practice

Highly adjustable, freely adjust angles according to
different age groups,
heights, and habits.

Eco-friendly Material, Versatile Functionality

  • Grip

  • Edge Hit

  • Surface Hit

Connect Headphones

Practice Silently Without Disturbing Others
External speaker/Unleash freely

Closer to the sound of real drums.

Multiple sound groups for free play,
512M sound source,
editable drum group sounds, 12 drum presets.

Mesh material for better sound

softer touch with silicone drum pads,
vibrations transmitted to the buzzer.

Learning Becomes Fun

The app can connect to the iPad for
assistance with electronic drums,
play drum games, and enjoy learning and entertainment.

Product Specifications

Drum Kit Configuration
·Standard: 5 drums, 3 cymbals
·Snare drum: 6-inch mesh head, double trigger
·Bass drum: Silicone, independent pedal
·All toms with 6-inch mesh surface
·Crash: 10-inch half silicone, double trigger, mute function
·Ride: 10-inch half silicone, double trigger, mute function
·Separate hi-hat pedal.

Main Unit Configuration:
·12 drum presets
·Total of 144 sounds
·Metronome function

Connection Port Configuration:
·3.35mm sound output
·Headphone output
·Aux in
·9V/500mA power input