APD-10 Practice drum pad

Beat/Speed/Count Mode

Three modes of connection
Exercise your sense of rhythm in all aspects
More stable, accurate, and happy,
accompanying you on the road to becoming a drummer

Three modes of screen display

  • Vocal mode

  • Count mode

  • Speed mode

High quality silicon tape backlight LED screen

High quality silicone material for a natural and comfortable impact feel
Backlit LED screen with good color and low power consumption

External headphone design

Paired with headphones to reduce noise and
stay in touch without
disturbing the public

LoudspeakerChinese and English voice function

Loudspeaker, clear and loud sound, low power consumption.
Equipped with Chinese and English voice function, it can assist in accompaniment, shouting, and clapping.

Extra Long Range

Built in 1300mA rechargeable polymer lithium battery, ultra long battery life
Charging for two hours, sustainable use for 16 hours
USB Type-C charging, ready to use, environmentally friendly and energy-saving

Dummy drum bracket

This product can be used in conjunction with a tripod
(to be purchased separately)
Convenient practice, tripod can extend up to 85cm

Product Specifications

Beat: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Power: built-in 1300mA rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Horn power: 0.5W
Charging current: 2H (at 0% charge)
Endurance: 16H
Product size: 240 * 270 * 27mm