ARG-07 For Instruments

35m Effective Transmission Distance

5.8GHz signal transmission,
capable of transmitting 20-35m in open,
unobstructed areas,
easily meeting stage performance needs.

One-Button Mute Function

Long press the "MUTE" button on the transmitter to activate the mute function, meeting the need for silence during performances.

Audio Compensation

The "CABLE TONE" button on the receiver can be adjusted according to the type of instrument and the length of the cable, providing tone compensation.

Adsorption Charging

The receiver can be magnetically attached to the transmitter for convenient carrying and stage emergency charging.

Large Battery Capacity

Durable: Polymer lithium-ion battery with a full charge working time of at least 5 hours.

Power On/Off and Pairing

Long press the POWER button to turn on/off, long press LINK, ID button to pair. Pairing is successful when the orange light goes out.

Portable and Versatile Charging

Both the transmitter and receiver are equipped with
independent USB 5V universal power interfaces,
capable of charging separately or together.
The receiver can supply power to other effects via a daisy chain cable.

Product Specifications

5.8G transmission
-Built-in 4 channels (5.729G - 5.820G)
- Transmission distance of 20 meters
- Power consumption: transmitter 100mA, receiver 65mA
- Display shows working channel, battery level, etc.
- Tuner function
- Receiver can wirelessly charge the transmitter
- Receiver can supply 9V power to other effects
- Cable Tone high pitch compensation function
- Built-in 5000mA rechargeable battery
- USB 5V charging